The Best Glee Numbers of Season 3–So Far

Aside from its sharp wit, phenomenal cast and endless parade of guest stars, if there is one thing Glee is known for it’s, its over-the-top musical numbers and this season has been no different with several showstoppers worthy of the Glee Hall of Fame. In  honour of its return to television tonight, here’s a refresher of the 10 best musical numbers performed in the first half of Season 3.

#10 Spotlight (Mercedes Jones)

With one of the best, most consistent voices on Glee, you’d think Mercedes would be one of the show’s shining stars but that hasn’t been the case for the diva who has been mostly relegated to Aretha Franklin songs and belting out big notes at the end of group numbers. So it was nice to finally see her stepping out from Rachel’s shadow in Asian F as she added her typical charm to this Jennifer Hudson single, so much so we’re willing to overlook the fact the song is about being trapped in an abusive relationship rather than an actual spotlight.

#9 Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do (Harmony)

Glee got it’s first Glee Project appearance early on with the arrival of Broadway-baby-in-training, Harmony (aka runner-up Lindsay Pearce) who lit up the screen with a breathtaking mash-up of show tunes. The cameo was a hit with critics who called it the highlight of the episode. Todd VanDerWerff of The A.V. Club even went as far as dubbing her the “best new character ever.”

#8 Do They Know it’s Christmas (New Directions)

You either loved or hated the closing performance in Glee’s much-talked about Christmas special. While some critics felt singing a song about starving during the holidays at a soup kitchen was a cruel choice, there’s no denying the vocal talent of those kids. You tell me there’s not a tear in your eye by the time they belt out “there won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas.”

#7 Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way or Another (New Directions/Trouble Tones)

We’ve seen them perform in the music room, we’ve seen them light up the stage but never have we seen the cast of Glee electrify a game of dodge ball with one of their fun mash-ups. Between the lively acrobatics and Santana’s brutal athletic prowess, mash-off gave us a number that wasn’t only a treat to listen to but unique to watch as well.

#6 We Got the Beat (New Directions)

Senior year was kicked off right with a light upbeat pop song in the cafeteria to recruit new talent. The fun table-top choreography and Rachel’s always perfect vocals made for a memorable opening number.

#5 Run the World (Brittany S. Pierce)

Miss Spears 2.0 has had little to do in her senior year at McKinley but this powerhouse performance was definitely a highlight. In an effort to show her classmates they needed a strong woman for their class president, Brittany leads the female student body in an angry dance routine set to Beyonce’s chart-topper about female domination. She may have won over the school but she also won over the fans.

#4 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Finn Hudson)

Anyone who’s grooved to season 2’s I Feel Pretty/Unpretty will tell you that sometimes it’s Glee’s quieter moments that make the show. In one of the most heartfelt scenes of the season, Finn sings a stripped down version of Cyndi Lauper’s dance hit to his closeted nemesis, Santana. Between his gravely voice and intimate body language, Finn provided fans with a moment stripped of everything fans have come to expect (and sometimes roll their eyes at) from Glee. No glitz, no flash, just heart.

#3 I Will Survive/Survivor (The Trouble Tones)

Lets be honest, The Trouble Tones deserved that sectionals win. Between the fierce choreography and Santana/Mercedes’ powerful vocals, McKinley’s all-girl glee club had that win in the bag and if them winning would have made any sense for the story, they probably would have.

#2 We Are Young (New Directions)

Few were familiar with the New York-based band, Fun before Glee’s climactic sectionals number but the warm, happy-go-lucky song combined with the New Directions finally becoming one again made for a moment so completely Glee, fans couldn’t help but remember them.

#1 Rumour Has It/Someone Like You (The Trouble Tones)

Who knew that when Mercedes, Santana and Brittany defected to the Trouble Tones, it would result in some of the best musical numbers the series has had in years? This Adele mash-up from the season’s penultimate episode is the obvious stand-out and while some may say it’s an overrated choice, I believe it’s the best number they’ve done. Ever.