The 2012 Golden Globes–Reaction

Well, Sunday night it all began. Awards season is officially underway and for the next two months, red carpets will be occupied by every star in Hollywood, all on the road to the granddaddy of them all, the Oscars. Things kicked off with the season’s second most prestigious (as host, Ricky Gervais put it) awards show, the Golden Globes, a show that celebrates the best in both film and television. Like any show there were some surprises, some upsets and a whole lot of watercooler moments so lets review the winners (and who should have won).

Award: Best Motion Picture (Drama)
Who Won: The Descendants
Who Deserved It: I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen The Descendants. And while I know it’s a George Clooney movie which makes it hardware gold and I’m sure the girl from The Secret Life gives a breathtaking performance, The Help owned that award. No other movie was as universal in it’s appeal and triumphant in it’s performances. The writing was spot-on, the performances were perfect and the non-stop giggle-fest at their table confirmed that is one dynamite cast.

Award: Best Picture (Comedy or Musical)
Who Won: The Artist
Who Deserved It: Okay, this won wasn’t exactly a conventional choice but Bridesmaids was the best comedy of 2011 and proved once and for all women can be just as funny as men.

Award: Best Actress (Drama)
Who Won: Meryl Streep (The Iron Lady)
Who Deserved It: Meryl is Meryl, we all know what a chameleon she is but it’s Viola Davis’s turn as a southern maid in The Help that really stands out as the performance of the year.

Award: Best Actor (Drama)
Who Won: George Clooney (The Descendants)
Who Deserved It: I don’t have to have seen the movie to know George Clooney deserved that award, even if it was a slow year for breakout male performances.

Award: Best Actress (Comedy or Muscial)
Who Won: Michelle Willaims (My Week with Marilyn)
Who Deserved It: Some may call me crazy or just saddled with the burden of bad taste. There’s no denying that Williams is brilliant and transformative as Marilyn Monroe but Charlize Theron’s Mavis Gary in the dark comedy, Young Adult was THE female performance of the year for me. We all know she’s capable of playing a monster but there’s something special about Theron’s ability to humanize such a shallow character to the point where the audience not only feels for her but sees themselves in her.

Award: Best Actor (Comedy or Musical)
Who Won: Jean Dujardin (The Artist)
Who Deserved It: Anyone who can bring back the silent film in the 21st century is well deserving of some hardware. That said, Ryan Gosling was just so darn dreamy in Crazy Stupid Love…

Award: Best Supporting Actress
Who Won: Octavia Spencer (The Help)
Who Deserved It: Just the sheer fact both of The Help’s breakthrough goddesses (Spencer and Jessica Chastain) were nominated is worthy of celebration. Both women gave exceptional performances in an exceptional movie, so much so it’s hard to decided who was more deserving. Can we have a tie Hollywood Foreign Press?

Award: Best Supporting Actor
Who Won: Christopher Plummer (Beginners)
Who Deserved It: I’ll be honest, I had no stake in this award but Christopher Plummer’s role as a father who comes out to his son late in life after being diagnosed with terminal cancer certainly stands out from the pack.

Award: Best Television Series (Drama)
Who Won: Homeland
Who Deserved It: Yes it certainly was the long shot. After a season of being touted as the “best new show on television” Homeland was a shoe-in for the win but I wish the HFP had shown a little more guts and recognized the real “best new show” of the year, the off-the-wall-insane thrill ride that is American Horror Story. No show took more creative risks this season or was as consistent and well acted as Ryan Murphy’s latest concoction.

Award: Best Television Series (Comedy or Musical)
Who Won: Modern Family
Who Deserved It: Is the Modern Family fad over yet? Admittedly it’s a hilarious show that I do watch weekly but just because it’s good, doesn’t mean it needs to win every award, every year. I could argue that Glee is currently in it’s best season ever but really what deserved it is one of the most underrated comedies on television, Episodes is the perfect satire of how TV is made and features a career-making performance from Matt Leblanc.

Award: Best Actress (Drama)
Who Won: Claire Danes (Homeland)
Who Deserved It: Claire Danes is probably one of the best lead actresses on television, delivering phenomenally as Carrie Mathison BUT had the HFP chosen a more unconventional choice, I would have loved to see Madeleine Stowe recognized for her wonderful work as ice queen, Victoria Grayson. No woman says more with a vacant smile.

Award: Best Actor (Drama)
Who Won: Kelsey Grammar (Boss)
Who Deserved It: Who did Grammar sleep with, seriously? While I’m sure he’s solid on his comeback series, Boss, there’s no denying this award belonged to Bryan Cranston for his incredible work on Breaking Bad in what is probably their best season yet.

Award: Best Actress (Comedy or Musical)
Who Won: Laura Dern (Enlightened)
Who Deserved It: Well, no one saw that coming. Despite the prestige that comes with being on an HBO series, Dern was the overwhelming dark horse going into the night with the real competition seen to be between Parks and Rec’s Amy Pohler and The New Girl’s Zooey Deschanel, and while it would have been nice to see either girl approach the podium I can’t help but pull for the New Girl.

Award: Best Actor (Comedy or Musical)
Who Won: Matt LeBlanc (Episodes)
Who Deserved It: Just when you thought he’d be Joey for ever, he pulls out the performance of his career. Playing himself but not really playing himself at all, Leblanc is the highlight of Episodes finally playing a character more complex than “how you doin?”

Award: Best Supporting Actress
Who Won: Jessica Lange (American Horror Story)
Who Deserved It: Praise Jesus! The most deserved award in years went to the perfect Jessica Lange for her twisted and moving portrayal of washed-up actress/grieving mother/murderer/grandmother to the antichrist, Constance Langdon. No actress has delivered a more consistent, thought-provoking portrayal and seeing her recognized for her incredible work was the highlight of the night.

Award: Best Supporting Actor
Who Won: Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones)
Who Deserved It: Okay, I know I said Modern Family should cut back on the awards but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve any. No other actor has stolen more scenes than the hysterical Eric Stonestreet.


Television’s Best High School Girls–Part 1

As long as there’s been high school shows, there’s been engaging, interesting and downright entertaining female characters that propel the shows into must-watch territory. Let’s face it, this isn’t a genre that lets the guys have all the fun. Next month will see the return of One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars, Glee and The Vampire Diaries; shows driven by their exceptionally talented female casts, so lets look at the 20 most exceptional females television has given us over the decades: Numbers 20-11

#20 Fiona Coyne (Degrassi: The Next Generation)

Over-the-top drama queens are a dime a dozen in soap operas but what can I say? Her infamous abusive boyfriend storyline provided Canada’s premier teen sudser with some of its juiciest moments and humanized the pampered socialite in a way few soaps have.

#19 Blair Warner (The Facts of Life)

The character that paved the way for all other high school prom queens (here’s looking at you Blair Waldorf) Blair was spoiled and hilariously self-centered before it was cool to be so and all future bitches-with-a-heart-of-gold tip their hats off to her.

#18 Naomi Clark (90210)

Okay, so her obnoxious “look at me!” shtick got old in Season 2 and she’s probably one of the least likable bad girls on television but Naomi remains the zip code’s most consistent scene stealer, never failing to give fans a perfectly timed eye roll or word vomit the very thing most of us are too afraid to say out loud.

#17 Angela Chase (My So-Called Life)

Her show may have only ran for one season but Angela Chase has never been forgotten. In a genre filled with larger-than-life personalities, Angela was a real girl, someone viewers could relate to and felt like they knew. Teenage angst hasn’t had a more authentic portrayal since.

#16 Aria/Hanna/Spencer/Emily (Pretty Little Liars)

Has any group of teenagers gotten into so much trouble in one semester? Between daily death threats, increasing paranoia and being framed for murder, it’s astounding they ever have time for homework.

#15 Cher Horowitz (Clueless)

Okay, so maybe TV’s Cher Horowitz never completely won us over the way her movie counterpart did but she gave us three additional years with Beverly Hills’ best intentioned queen bee.

#14 Alisha Bailey (Misfits)

What high school girl hasn’t wished to be the object of desire for any man she wants? Blessed with supernatural powers following an electrical storm, this potty-mouthed rebel can send men into a sexual frenzy simply by touching them.

#13 Kelly Kapowski (Saved by the Bell)

Most girls who woke up Saturday mornings for their Bayside High fix will admit, they wanted to be like Kelly Kapowski. Beautiful and popular but with the girl-next-door charm that made her personable to all. She even hung out with the nerdiest guy in school for god’s sake!

#12 Lyla Garrity (Friday Night Lights)

Some may call her a Christian goody-goody but there was something so sweet and wholesome in a character that could have easily been just another whiny cheerleader. When Lyla left Dillon for good, a piece of the show left with her.

#11 Jackie Burkhart (That 70s Show)

Few girls can pull off being as narcissistic and shallow and still be so likable at the same time, it’s no wonder she was the object of affection for pretty much every guy in the Foreman basement.